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October 25, 2012

Garritsons a family of nurses? The son testified. Take a closer look.

You want to see how corrupt the san diego reader is? Look no further than EVA KNOTT, the author of all the artilces during my autistic son's abuse trial.

We always wondered why Eva was fond of the criminals accused of abusing my autistic son, and then we found out that Eva had written a favorable comment on an artilce in past about a defense attorney's daughter. This defense attorney, Michael washington was  involved in mys son's abuse case. Defending the man who was caught on tape eye gouging my autistic son. Go figure. Oh my Eva Knott, now it all makes sense. The defense attorney for Michael Garritson was Michael washington. Michael Washington's daughter is CYnthia Washington. SEE HERE where EVA KNOTT has link to Cythinia, the defesne attoney's duaghter in a prior San Diego Reader article. My oh my, how intersting that we now can conclude that Eva was never on the side of truth, was she? She had a bias. FOR the people who abused my son, because she had involved herself with the daughter of the defense attorney representing the accused in my son's case. Well well well now. Now it all makes perfect sense. Corruption. Disgusting.


If you didn't follow the horrific news that back in 2012, two caregivers were caught on tape abusing our autistic son,then this won't make much sense to you, but if you a person who did follow this story, you may gain some insight....

Michael Dale Garritson a registered nurse from Valley Center, California insists he "did nothing wrong" to our autistic son, despite video evidence catching him committing MULTIPLE acts of violence, including: eye gouging our son, pulling him to the ground by his hair (when NOT having a seizure), depriving him of water, depriving him of oxygen DURING a seizure and throwing him on his bed, ignoring his cries for comfort, etc... 

Update December 2016: Thankfully, the Board of Nursing REVOKED his nursing license. 

Source: https://www.breeze.ca.gov/datamart/detailsCADCA.do?selector=false&selectorType=&selectorReturnUrl=&anchor=74fd1c6.1.1

But this same RN is still able to work as a caregiver since the court recently allowed him the ability to HIDE his felony abuse conviction against a vulnerable autistic patient in his care.

Oh, if U only knew the whole truth. How he and his two adult "nurse" kids slithered into our lives after a group home left our son to beat himself behind a closed door and gave us an eviction notice saying he "now needs 2:1". 

And how the 2:1 never came. And how home health agencies sent us a steady supply of nurses who were either mentally or physically unfit, leaving us scrambling. Sleep deprived. But none of that would've been an excuse for any sane nurse or caregiver to ABUSE a vulnerable autistic person. If anything, it would've prompted a nurse or caregiver to advocate for better care, which we, as parents did, over and over again. 

Running out of options....we were so vulnerable. So tired. Caught up in a system serving vulnerable disabled that we knew very little about. We had never had nurses in our home. Never had nursing care. Nobody from state told us they didn't do background checks on their nurses approved to do nursing. But even that wasn't really the state's fault, given Mr. Garritson, the nurse later found abusing our son, had a prior felony abuse of animals REDUCED by the courts. 

As such, ultimately, the most delicate ones among us take the hardest hit, within this screwed up system. Solution: CURRENT LAW needs to be amended. Courts need to be EDUCATED on the profiles of sociopaths like Michael Garritson. Sociopaths who repeatedly rationalize their abuse and target vulnerable victims and families. 

Vulnerable families raising disabled children. Caught in a system serving disabled that had gone awry. 

That's all a sociopath nurse like Garritson need, is an OPPORTUNITY. They work the system. A system that isn't privy to how sociopaths like Michael Garritson operate. Sociopaths like Michael Garritson RATIONALIZE their vicious abuse of VULNERABLE people and animals. Find ways to minimize and downplay their vicious abuse of others. 

Oh, how vulnerable we were. How vulnerable disabled and elderly people are. How vulnerable so many people are raise severely-autistic adults/children or aging parents are.... 

To understand this insanity, you need to open your eyes. Get insight into some of the members of the Garritson family and others who share their dark spirit. 

You can start with Blake Garritson, son of Michael Garritson.  Blake worked at a nursing agency. You see,  we didn't just have Michael Garritson in our home, his his TWO sons, Jarrod Garritson and Blake, were also working here, making it difficult to detect the abuse. They covered for him anytime we saw suspicious activity. We didn't have video surveillance at the time. Thank God we would eventually get it!

 I mean think about it. You've got a father and his two sons working in the same home, with a vulnerable patient and a sleep deprived and over the top stressed family. What perfect targets. That's why we now warn EVERYONE who has home health care to install video surveillance!

During the criminal trial, when the prosecution showed video evidence of  the surveillance Michael Garritson eye gouging our son, Garritson's adults children, including the two scumbags that had worked along side their pops with our autistic son, showed NO emotion. No remorse. Just blank, cold, apathetic, dead faces. Dead, as if no soul was there. But the video DOESN'T LIE. No matter how hard the defense tried to downplay or deflect from it. 

Sociopaths like Michael Garritson know who will cover for them as they abuse others. And even video surveillance, which Michael Garritson knew was there, isn't a deterrent for a true sociopath. A sociopath believes they can RATIONALIZE any abuse they do. Even when caught on tape. 

When Michael Garritson's two adults sons, Blake and Jarrod, also worked for us, every time I asked these two fellow "nurse" sons about injuries that our autistic son had on their daddy's shift, I got turned in circles as if I was wrong for even asking. I can't tell you how many times Blake and Jarrod would tell me how awesome their dad was, how brilliant, what a great nurse he is. Add to it, all 3 professed to be "Christians." This is truly evil, using Christianity as a MASK OF SANITY while they abuse others, another trait of sociopaths. 

 At first, I thought these two  sons didn't know Jamey was being abused, but during the criminal trial, when they shamelessly lied on the stand about Jamey, it was clear, they always knew, and covered for their demented father. All the while attending a local church. Nobody at this weak church confronting the father, despite him insisting he did nothing wrong, even after being convicted. How can you trust a church with people's "salvation" that can't even confront a known convicted felon about his audacious unrepentant criminal behavior? Please. 

What were we thinking to be so fooled by these evil people? These pieces of garbage. How didn't we see what they were doing? Probably the same reason others don't see what sociopaths are doing, until you catch them on video surveillance or in the flesh doing it. They spin you in circles. They are masters of deception and diversion. They lie. There is no truth in them. 

The Garritsons knew how run a good con came, as if modern day gypsies. Another nurse who used to work with Michael and Jarrod Garritson  would later tell us, "You don't ever want those people in your home." No shit. Thanks for telling us after the fact...

Interestingly, years ago, When Michael and Linda Garritson were on trial for MURDERing an infant, Scott Cleaveland, in their care, they played victim

Then, later, when Michael Garritson's wife, Linda Garritson was caught on camera depriving two children with disabilities of oxygen, she played victim. 

Interesting pattern of behavior. They hurt people, then play victim. 

When Michael Garritson was caught victimizing defensive animals he played victim. 

When Michael Garritson was caught abusing our autistic son on camera, he played victim.  

This is what a sociopath does. They harm you. And when you confront or expose them, they act as if you are offending or harming them. They did nothing wrong.  

Dealing with Michael Garritson, his wife and some of his adult kids, is not like dealing with normal people who make mistakes like we all do. You know that a man with a gun who breaks into your home is there to hurt you and your family. You know your drunk cousin that always swipes a 20 from your wallet is not so bad. There is no deliberate deception going on with generally broken people who do dumb things, like we all do. Ditto a gang banger. These types don't usually play psychological games. They are who they are, right up front, even if it's unpleasant. These people are less pernicious than sociopaths like the Garritsons. 

Let's take a look at Michael Garritson's past: Even the best legal strategy can't deny these facts. Even the pathetic attempt to blame the parents can't hold tight, considering if U knew anything about this flawed system serving disabled, U would already know the truth. U would already know how vulnerable parents and their children are in a system serving disabled, how we are never told shit. Parent's cries for more help are downplayed, delayed or outright ignored.  Autistic people often get killed in group homes.  

Nobody's ever figured out how or why it's so out of control. But the answer and solution may be in changing existing laws concerning the abuse of vulnerable adults and children with special needs. Sociopaths aren't stupid. They study the laws. They know how far they can push things. When they see an opening or invitation to abuse vulnerable life, they take it. We can't let them. 

Here's RN Michael Garritson's past: 

Baby Sitter to Be Tried as Accessory to Murder : D.A. Won't Seek Slaying Conviction Against Woman, Contends Her Husband Killed Boy

"The prosecution claims that despite Linda Garritson's admission that six years ago she killed the boy, Scott Cleveland, it actually was her husband, Michael Garritson, who killed the child."

April 25, 1985|JERRY HICKS | Times Staff Writer

http://www.englishtoyspan.net/Prelim_Hearing.htm Michael Garrison convicted of FELONY animal abuse

Nurse Michael Garritson convicted of felony abuse of our autistic son has a shocking history of preying on people and animals that can't defend themselves. How this man still had an active nursing license illuminates a serious problem in our state system serving disabled.

Prior news reports on Michael and Linda Garritson:

Award Winning Non-Fiction Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog DirectoryCouple Accused of Cover-Up in Child's Death

April 04, 1985|JERRY HICKS | Times Staff Writer
A prosecutor Wednesday accused Michael and Linda Garritson of conspiracy to cover up the 1979 murder of a 13-month-old boy they were caring for at their Anaheim home by trying to exonerate each other.
The article also says Michael Garritson PAID for false testimony so he could get away with murdering an innocent child and go on with his life. 

After the trial Michael Garritson claimed he was, as "innocent as hell." 
 Must have been a Freudian slip....A case study in abnormal psychology. And pure evil. 

Later, Michael Garritson was convicted of animal cruelty charge,  but the Judge in this case, let him keep his nursing license. And where was the Probation officer in all this? California law says the probation officer can protest a request to reduce....or expunge a prior felony conviction....did the probation officer get compromised as well by this master sociopath? A man who managed to trick the courts back in the 80's, when he was on trial, 3x, for killing a defenseless baby?

The Judge was probably conned and swooned by the Stockholm Syndrome plagued Garritson clan pleading for their psycho pops. Just like Eva Knott, a waste of a woman, a stone cold apathetic, bitter, half-baked journalist for San Diego Reader, who showed NO EMPATHY for our abused autistic son. And showed incredible journalistic bias, siding with the abusers of an autistic person during the entire trial. Thanks San Diego Reader--for revealing the anti-autism, pro-autism bullying, pro-animal abuser face of the San Diego Reader. It won't be forgotten.

Here's some good background on Michael Garritson's animal cruelty case:

Puppy mill - 160 dogs seized
Valley Center, CA (US)

Incident Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2002
County: San Diego

Charges: Felony CTA
Disposition: Convicted
Case Images: 18 files available


Over 100 of Garritson's dogs had discharge from their eyes and/or abrasions. Others had "been ailing from malnutrition and had open eyeball wounds." 

That's interesting considering we see Michael Garritson eye gouging his autistic patient over and over and over again in video surveillance. Is this Garritson's thing? 
Eye poking animals and people

News stories stated [the eye wounds] were not the typical drainage some Spaniels get but were purulent. Vets and Ophthalmologists treated them. Further news reports detailing Garritson's animal cruelty case said,

"In another area, were four bitches with their pups. There was no water.  (Interesting, because we see on camera that Garritson was withholding water from our autistic son)....Bowls were turned over and there was feces and trash around.“The fourth crate had one pup with urine soaked bedding, it was a tan and white pup that was unresponsive she had to check it to see if it was alive. She handed the pup to Dave Johnson the Director of Medical Services for the Dept. of Animal Control. The pup had messy coat, head was large, some type of eye injury and discharge from the eye and nose. No water. Some type of eye injury.

The puppy's skin was scalded from urine on the underside. The pup was sent to a Vet and had to be euthanized.”When asked by the D.A. about the Internet web site for his kennel, Michael Garritson said his son started that without his knowledge. He blamed his own son!

Read more of Garritson's prior animal abuse case: http://www.englishtoyspan.net/Prelim_Hearing.htm

There is a known link between animal abuse and human abuse

California does not list prior convictions of animal cruelty or abuse as a disqualifying factor in obtaining a nursing license. 

California doesn't list a conviction of animal abuse as a crime of moral turpitude. Nor does California Penal Code 1203.4 sub 4 (b), include California Penal Code 368 (crimes against elders and vulnerable adults) or California Penal Code 597(b). (person who... tortures, torments, deprives of necessary sustenance, drink, or shelter, cruelly beats, mutilates, or cruelly kills any animals), as exceptions to anyone precluded to request an "expungement" of prior felony charges under Penal code 1203.4. This must change. 

Especially for a man like Michael Garritson who has prior felonies of abusing animals and vulnerable adults. 

Read more: Puppy mill - 160 dogs seized - Valley Center, CA | Pet-Abuse.Com Animal Cruelty Database http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/1034/CA/US/#ixzz2EtaoRywY

Add to Michael Garritson's past behavior: Suspicious murder of an infant. (http://articles.latimes.com/1985-04-25/local/me-12270_1_murder-conviction); Convicted of animal Cruelty (http://www.englishtoyspan.net/Garritson.htm). 

As if this wasn't weird and diabolical enough, Michael Garritson's wife was caught on tape while working as a nurse, depriving disabled children breathing treatments. 

Source: https://www.breeze.ca.gov/datamart/detailsCADCA.do?selector=false&selectorType=&selectorReturnUrl=&anchor=6f812b5.0.0

The sheer madness of it all.

Garritson's are a family of nurses, wrote Eva Knott.

Too bad Eva Knott held back from the San Diego Readers that Michael Garritson's wife, Linda Garritson, part of the wonderful "Garritsons are a family of nurses" lost her nursing license after she was caught on camera depriving two disabled children breathing treatments.

Or about that murder trial where an infant under Michael and Linda Garritson's care, had his skull crushed and was denied prompt medical care, and DIED.

 But why would Eva illuminate this to the public, when Eva was committed to doing the then defense attorney, Michael Washington a favor? Like a desperate school girl, Eva wanted to impress Mr. Washington. Pathetic.

It was later discovered that Eva once commented on Defense Attorney Michael Washington's daughter's article that she wrote for the San Diego Reader.

Aint that sweet.

Nice to see the San Diego Reader employs a crime writer who supported an animal abuser and baby killer and abuser of autistic people. Awesome.

Yes, we discovered that public defender, Michael Washington's daughter, "Cynthia" wrote an article about her daddy, the public defender, in 2010, and, lo and behold, Eva Knott, the San Diego Reader crime write commented on this article, so we now know WHY Eva wrote incredibly slanted articles for the San Diego Reader about the criminal trial involving our autistic son being abused. Now it all makes sense.

Source: San Diego Reader. Article, "If I Could Have, I Would Have Lived at the Ballet Studio". 


Michael Garritson is a classic sociopath. Rationalizes his abuse of animals. Blamed his children for not taking proper care of the animals. Rationalized his abuse of our autistic son. Blames his acts of physical violence on not providing better care, though video surveillance shows Michael Garritson viciously attacking our son for no reason other than our autistic son sat up, wanted something to drink and was vulnerable, waiting for his nurse, Michael Garritson to meet his needs. Instead, Michael Garritson is seen repeatedly EYE GOUGING our son. A crime so heinous and sadistic it can only be described as behavior rooted in someone evil and sadistic. A true sociopath who enjoys beating the "system." Who enjoys mocking the courts how he keeps escaping long term justice. At one hearing where he sought an expungement for prior felony abuse charges, he actually boldly told the Judge how he wasn't convicted of killing a toddler in his care, as if it was his way of reminding the court, I've beat you many times before and I'll continue mocking and working this system for everything I can. "I got away with murdering a toddler in the 80's. I got my felony abuse of animals reduced. And I still went on to abuse a vulnerable autistic patient under my care....ha ha..."  

Fool us once, shame on us. Fool us twice, shame on you. Fool us three times, and we've justified a monster. But there's someone Michael Garritson can't fool. God. And only time will tell what this monster will face, and what lessons are in  store to teach us all a very valuable lesson about ignoring pervasive patterns of felony abuse of vulnerable lives. 

Genesis 50:20Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

"You meant to do harm, but God meant it for good — so that it would come about as it is today, with many (vulnerable) people’s lives being saved."

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