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Living with Autism


April 25, 2014

Preventing more senseless deaths in autism community.

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                    On April 2nd, 2014, (ironically Autism Awareness Day), Angie Robinson,  a single 40 yr. old mom, and her 16-year old                            
severely-autistic son, Robert, were found dead in their British Columbia home.

Police say it was a murder-suicide.

Apparently, at her wits end over inadequate services and the stress of caring for her severely-autistic son, Angie Robinson chose to check out.

                              Why? Media reports say Angie was distraught after hearing no residential placements were available for her son. From there things went downhill fast. Robert's behaviors were increasing. So were his trips to the Emergency Room, where the only solution doctors had was to keep restraining her son and giving him high does of ATIVAN.

Unfortunately, the docs also gave Angie Ativan, as if this would make everything better. It didn't.

When Angie got home, Angie gave her son Robert an overdose of Ativan and took an overdose of Ativan herself.

And now they are both dead. Gone forever.

So we can conclude, Ativan wasn't the answer to the ongoing challenges faced by this single mom who was struggling to raise a very tall, very strong, challenging autistic son.

                       Some ask, "Why did she kill her son?" How selfish! She could've dumped him off at the hospital, right? She could've given him up to social services, right? 

Before you judge her, consider it's possible she planned on only killing herself.

And consider this: What would the hospital do if she dropped him off? Drug him again with ativan? Inject him with Thorazine until he went into seizures?

Use more four point restraints?

What would social services do?

Tell her to request more services while another agency sent another denial letter?

Tell the mom to get an attorney to fight for services?

Or go look for help at another agency who said they had budget cuts?

God only knows the sadness this single mother must have felt.

The pain. The despair. The frustration. The anger.

The hopelessness.

"There are no residential placements for your son...." must have been the last straw for Angie.

What now, she may have thought? Where can he go? 

What more can I do as a single mom with not enough help? 

There is no home for him. Hospitals can't help him. Social services aren't helping. Nobody has any answers, even those paid to have answers. They are all useless. Nobody who was paid to protect and advocate for the disabled in her country effectively did for Angie and Robert. And they must live with that reality, that scar, that shame, in order to not repeat the same mistake. 

Angie Robinson believed nobody could help her son because nobody had helped her son. That's reality.

The system serving disabled is NOT NICE. It's not on your side. It's not there to help your child if your autistic child's level of care is something they don't want to pay to provide. It's about being "cost effective" to the extent of costing people's lives

IT"S a BRUTAL arena. I've learned this in the hardest most lonely way. 

I was a young mom when I was tossed into this arena thinking how wonderful....these people are here to help, and received a cold, rude awakening. 

A slap in the face from the monster of CRUEL. BENIGN NEGLECT. 

Yes, whether you believe it or not, there are people working in the system serving disabled that abuse their positions of power and are secretly sadistic and actually hate and resent the disabled

You can see it in their eyes, their actions and in their cocky disregard for other people's pain and crisis. 

God help you if you're a parent who takes them on. They will hate you and your child even more. 

We should never forget the Angie's and ROBERTs out there. Angie Robinson was exhausted. She was tired of hearing nobody knew what to do, when they were being paid to do a job that was supposed to be helping disabled. Her son needed HELP. He didn't get what he needed. 

If you don't understand my rage right now at another senseless death in the autism community, it's because you don't understand the complex etiologies involved in this mom's tragic and desperate decision.

If only to reverse time. Give Angie and every parent who has killed themselves or/and their autistic child a hug. Tell her, "No, Angie. Killing yourself and your child is not the answer. There is HOPE.

                             Keep fighting!  There is light at the end of this battle. Don't give up! Stay strong! You and your son are NOT alone. There are many of us out here who GET it. We stand with you. We know what you are going through. Please don't give up."







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M Davis said...

Hi Kim,

I've only just come across you blog and youtube videos but I think what you do is amazing. I have a close family member who is very similar to James and I know how much of a roller coaster life can be. It would be great to get in touch sometime.

M Davis said...

Hi Kim,

I've only just come across you blog and youtube videos but I think what you do is amazing. I have a close family member who is very similar to James and I know how much of a roller coaster life can be. It would be great to get in touch sometime.

M Davis said...
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M Davis said...

Hi Kim,

Would be great to hear from you when you have a second. I’ve seen some more of your videos and Jamie is very similar to my brother. I think it’s useful for people in similar situations to share hints and talk about things. My brother is self-injurious like Jamie and is also a similar age. My email is mdavis1569@gmail.com. Sorry I’m being spontaneous – I’ve never seen anyone with autism like my brother so it would be great to share experiences!

Best wishes,


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Have you done this protocol yet?

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