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Living with Autism


November 7, 2017

Tips to Help Autistic People who can be Picky Eaters


                                      PICKY EATERS IN AUTISM

    There are many reasons a person with autism won't eat. We can talk about gustatory perception, olfactory senses, sleep patterns and behavioral moods, but the bottom line is when you need someone with autism to eat, you want some concrete ideas. That said....

                    Here's some time tested autism friendly food combinations that may help (obviously check with doctor if you have any concerns about allergies, contraindications with medications, dental health or aspiration risks, etc....): 

         1. Small Curd Cottage cheese, honey (get it locally grown) and crushed potato chips
         2. Scrambled eggs with extra butter, Ricotta cheese, Cinnamon, wheat germ (or gluten free bread crumbs)

         3. Green Bell Pepper soup, crackers, goat cheese, heavy cream

         4. Watermelon, salt, Rice Krispie's

         5. Creme Brulee (extra yolks), blueberries, nutmeg

         6. Pureed Chicken, heavy cream, maple syrup, ginger, Turmeric, 

         7. Sweet potatoes, marshmellow creme, butter, honey, crushed potato chips

         8. Ground pork, goat cheese, caramel sauce, dark chocolate, purred red bell peppers, cream

          9. Fried Polenta in grapeseed oil, melted mozzarella, purred shitake mushrooms with heavy cream and Thyme or Oregano on top. 

          10. Grits with butter, honey, COOKED organic bacon and COOKED green beans purred with cream, 

          11. Chocolate Mexican Mole (be careful if person has nut allergy as many Mole recipes made with nuts) in Steel Cut chewy oatmeal. 

          12. Egg yolks, mayo, lime or lemon juice, sugar, crushed saltine crackers. 

          13. Tomato soup, sour cream, paprika, 1 jar baby food ham, beef

          14. Lemon, Butterscotch or Chocolate Fudge Pudding (not sugar free)

          15. Creamed Broccoli Soup (homemade if possible), whole milk Greek Yogurt, Goat Cheese or Sharp Cheddar, Purred Red or Orange Bell Pepper, 1/2 purred banana. If tolerated, add 1 jar purred baby meat for extra protein and another "taste." Or/and crushed crackers for another "texture." Or/and Cinnamon, Garlic Powder, Dill, for another "smell." 


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